Corello DJ

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Black Beat Show.

Corello DJ is first and foremost a student of Black Music.
He was closely monitored whether as a dancer, or as a DJ,
different aspects since the late 1960s.
As a professional on the slopes, he never settled for a single style,
He sought out new sounds, and thus he became a most requested DJ of his time.
He was the first DJ in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro to mix
Two songs in the same beat and was the creator of the term “Charme”
To define the kind of R & B that would become a”national craze”
among black people who sought their own cultural identity.
He was responsible for introducing appearances in Brazil for artists such as Sybil, Curtis Hairston.Glen Jones, Omar Chandler and recently
Donell Jones.

As a radio broadcaster he worked on Fm 105, RPC Fm and
Beat 98 and shows were always very successful!

With the goal of increasing your knowledge and musical content Corello DJ has traveled dozens of times to the U.S. and England for novelties
and Black Music classics.

He was the music curator of audio channels for pay-TV, being
Directly responsible for Jazz Radios, Smooth Jazz, R & B. Hip hop
Corello Dj is considered amongst DJ’s of all Brazil for his professionalism, presence of stage and charisma!

Instagram: dj_corello