Google Mini

The only available way of using Google Mini is via Deezer at present, we are looking at ways to bring our services to this platform.

For Deezer to work you must have a Premium Account which is subscription based.

Here are the instructions for Deezer:-

How to add CAMBRIAN RADIO to your google device.

You can add CAMBRIAN RADIO into your Google device (Mini) manually using the steps below.

PLEASE REMEMBER:- You must have a Deezer premium account for this to work.

Setting Deezer up on Google Home Make sure your Google Home device is set up and that you’ve downloaded the Google Home app from the Play Store.


1. Open the Google Home app and go to the Home tab

2. Select the Add icon located in the middle of the screen

3. Select Music and audio located under the Manage Services section

4. Choose Deezer by selecting the Link icon


6. Enter your login details If you have a Deezer Family account, you’ll be asked to select your Member profile